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Creator of Ivy Whale

Although I am now a senior in high school, I have known from a very young age that my purpose in life is to help others.  I have always enjoyed helping my friends, family, and community in many ways.  When I was younger I was hospitalized multiple times.  During those times I found myself feeling alone and recognized that my parents were always worried and stressed.  It took me a long time to figure out how I could help similarly situated families.  Ivy is the result of my 8th Grade "Passion Project" brought to life through my Girl Scout Gold Award.  Through Ivy I hope to provide an outlet to hospitalized, sick, or otherwise isolated children and allow their parents a chance to see them just be kids.  In conjunction with the Ivy Ambassadors, we are here to play, read, help with homework, and to otherwise be available to talk.


Kate Bieschke


Kate Bieschke is an educator filled with vigor and enthusiasm. She has been working with middle school students for 32 years and was delighted to act as an advisor to the amazing Sydney on the creation of Ivy Whale. Kate’s mission is to be selfless, accepting, vulnerable, and genuine while providing purposeful and authentic support the empowers ALL. Her mission and that of Ivy Whale’s are a perfect match. As a Social and Emotional Learning Coach, Kate has dedicated her life to guiding teachers in attuning to the varied needs of their students and is their resident expert in Trauma Invested Care. She considers Ivy Whale to be a powerful resource for children and families as they navigate through life’s tumultuous events. “We have no control over what life brings, however, we do have a choice in how we respond and react”. It is with grace and gratitude that Kate has joined Sydney on this journey and encourages others to do the same.

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