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About Our Name

The Ivy Logo is significant and represents our dedication to service of others.  After much debate and research, we came to the conclusion that a whale is the perfect animal to represent our organization.  Throughout various cultures, the whale symbolizes wisdom, emotional healing, importance of family and community, emotional rebirth, peaceful strength, and communication.  Ivy’s goal is to connect people, and to provide socialization to improve the emotional distress of being sick, isolated or hospitalized.  Further, the colors of the logo are also significant.   Purple symbolizes encouraging creativity and imagination, wisdom, magic, calming the mind, and nerves.  Ivy is a place for children to release their creative side and have fun.  It is also a place for children to calm themselves and experience the magic of making new friends.  Finally, one of Ivy’s goals is to provide a sense of calm.  The next color that is represented on Ivy’s logo is blue.  Blue represents imagination, inspiration, trust, loyalty, and wisdom.  Ivy’s volunteers want to create relationships of trust and are loyal to the children they are helping.  The last color that is represented in Ivy’s logo is green.  Green represents soothing, relaxing, alleviating anxiety, and compassion.  These are the ultimate goals of Ivy.  Additionally, Ivy’s whale has a spout.    Coming out of the whale’s spout is a heart.  The heart is self evident, and represents the love and caring we hope to spread.  Finally, we chose the name “Ivy” because we wanted to make it easy for kids to say and for it to mean something.  Ivy represents connected love and friendship.  Ivy is a formidable plant that demonstrates strength in difficult situations, so too do the children we meet.

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